I’ll totally regret admitting this in the morning.

July 12, 2010

I freely acknowledge that I am not a vision of marital bliss by the time Adam arrives home most nights. He’ll walk in the door, announcing his exhaustion, and I’ll stare at him with something bordering on wrath. Carrot peels from dinner prep stuck to my face, driveway chalk crusted under my nails, a laundry basket wedged under one arm, I begin my oft-repeated litany on how he has NO IDEA WHAT TIRED REALLY IS.

Since both giving and receiving this speech can become dull after a while, I work diligently to mix it up a bit, peppering the diatribe with comments like I HAVE NEVER WORKED SO HARD IN MY LIFE and YOU TRY ENTERTAINING A THREE-YEAR-OLD ALL DAY and—my current favorite—YOU WOULDN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT A VACUUM IS IF IT HIT YOU IN THE FACE. (I find that this last one has a certain 1950s fishwife je ne sais quoi.)

Adam stands at the counter patiently, removing his shoes and mixing a cocktail as I continue to remind him of how lucky he is. On his train ride to and from work, he can read the news, relax along with some music. At work, he can participate in intelligent conversation, make critical decisions, brainstorm with peers. The socialization! The lunch options! The utter and complete lack of Curious George and twisted car-seat buckles and bunny-shaped macaroni and cheese!

Yes, I like to suggest regularly that his job is easier than mine. But on days like today, days of sandcastle villages and sunblock-scented salt air and drippy plastic cups of watermelon slush and a little girl who roars with joy every time a wave splashes her, I remember something else: I would never, ever say his job is better.


10 Responses to “I’ll totally regret admitting this in the morning.”

  1. KLZ Says:

    Kate…I don’t know if you realize this…you probably don’t…but you put that in WRITING.he can see and use this against you for FOREVER now.

    And staying at home all day with my son is infinitely more tiring than work. And yet I still pray for a day when I get to do that 24/7 instead of this work crap.

  2. blueviolet Says:

    You have it made, baby. M.A.D.E.

  3. Ah huh! Herein lies the age old inner struggle of the modern woman. The grass is always greener and all that.

    On the weekends I wish I was a work getting some piece and quiet, but during the week I wish I was at home with my boys. As my husband says – I’m never happy.

  4. TJ Says:

    Way to know thyself Kate- just keep your URL hidden so that Chris never finds your words 😉

    And- going to the beach is hard work- lugging the chairs and toys, smearing the sunscreen everywhere, keeping sand out of the PB&J- don’t kid yourself, sweating in the sunshine- it’s hard work.

  5. Great post. I have to admit I picture my husband at work, feet up on his desk, drinking coffee and chatting with co-workers ALL DAY LONG… but yes, ultimately, my job is crazy rewarding.

  6. Sometimes I envy Mike. What with his solitude on his commute and his ability to affect REAL WORLD things out there with his job.
    But then I remember that I get the hugs ALL day long and that usually makes me feel better.
    (Glad that Aura is enjoying the beach. She is totally the cutest thing there. Aside from your purty toenails, of course.)

  7. Salt Says:

    Oh to be able to take my office to the beach for a day. LUCKY.

  8. Surferwife Says:

    Awwwww. Kate. The soft mothering side is becoming on you.

    Ok, enough of that bullshit. Let’s get real again.

  9. Deanna Says:

    Days like that one are the ones that make me wish I stayed home sometimes. Days with the vacuuming, dishes, and screaming babies…I’m glad to come to my quiet, peaceful office!

    Love that last picture…definitely a beach babe!

  10. Jen Says:

    Hear, hear! You put into words how I feel sometimes. Being a SAHM is great but I find it physically exhausting sometimes since our little guy gave up his nap. You are right though. The rewards of being a SAHM is priceless because you can witness your child smile, laugh, learn, grow and experience life. Everyday. Great pics of Aura.

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